Smart Assistant Redefined

The TaskingAI Assistant module provides a high-efficiency and user-friendly solution for creating intelligent assistants equipped with tool invocation, knowledge retrieval, and context management capabilities.
Tool Invocation
Assistants have the capability to execute actions by utilizing external APIs or services, as specified in their configuration.
Knowledge Retrieval
Assistants can access extra knowledge systems and retrieve information to enhance their responses
Context Memory
By effectively managing conversation threads, the Assistant maintains context throughout interactions, facilitating coherent and contextually relevant conversations.

Streamline task with Assistant API

Simplify complex tasks and foster instant, clear communication in your applications with our API. Create a smarter, personalized user experience that keeps you ahead of the curve.
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assistant = taskingai.assistant.create_assistant( model_id="YOUR_MODEL_ID", memory={"type": "naive"} system_prompt_template=[ "You know the meaning of various numbers.", "No matter what the user's language is, you will use the {{langugae}} to explain." ], ) chat = taskingai.assistant.create_chat( assistant_id=assistant.assistant_id, )
# create user message taskingai.assistant.create_message( assistant_id=assistant.assistant_id, chat_id=chat.chat_id, text="What is the meaning of 13?", ) # generate assistant response assistant_message: Message = taskingai.assistant.generate_message( assistant_id=assistant.assistant_id, chat_id=chat.chat_id, system_prompt_variables={ "language": "English" } )

Interactive Development Hub for Assistants

Streamline the creation and integration of TaskingAI Assistants with a robust and dynamic interface. Designed for developers to easily build, customize, and test intelligent assistants.

Effortless Debugging in the Playground

Easily refine your Assistant in TaskingAI's playground, a user-friendly platform for hassle-free debugging and real-time performance tuning, ensuring seamless and optimized Assistant functionality.

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